The Person-Centred approach to therapy believes that we are all essentially good natured but that certain circumstances of life may leave us feeling twisted inside. The Person-Centred counsellor offers clients a respectful positive regard, with a safe and trusting relationship from which you can start to untangle problems that are interfering with your life.


Cognative Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a clinically proven method of alleviating psychological distress. It helps people to identify unhelpful thoughts that are linked to emotional distress and unproductive patterns of behavior. By learning how to challenge these irrational thoughts and beliefs people can learn to create alternative ways of functioning and therefore create a more harmonious way of life.



Relationship counselling can offer you the chance to examine how you are interacting with others around you - maybe a partner, friend or work colleague and explore any challenges that are relevant to that relationship. When we have a deeper insight into why and how we are relating to others we can learn to change the patterns in our behaviour, thoughts and feelings: working towards resolving conflict.


More and more people are suffering from depression nowadays which can threaten the functioning of our daily lives. Counselling can offer you a better understanding of what triggers have helped to contribute towards the onset of your depression and learn ways in which to manage the condition. 


Psychological trauma occurs as a result of a traumatic event. This experience can completely overwhelm our ability to cope or understand why we are no longer able to function in the way we are used to. These reactions may seem frightening and disturbing to us but they are a totally normal reaction and the body’s way of expressing the effects of the trauma. Being able to talk to someone in a safe environment about your experience can relieve these symptoms.


Counselling can offer victims of abuse a safe and non-judgemental environment where they can try to overcome the effects of their trauma and re-establish control back in their lives. Some people loose the ability to function, which might lead to feeling isolated and lonely. Talking through these reactions with a professional counsellor may help to relieve some of these symptoms and help to re- establish personal empowerment.


We will all experience grief and loss as some point in our lives and all of our reactions are unique. It is normal to feel sad or even angry when someone close to us dies or leaves – mourning is a painful process where we can experience feelings of denial, fear, anger, and loneliness. Grieving is often described as a journey and having someone to hold your hand through this process helps us to adjust to the changes that have come about in our lives due to this loss.